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Have Some Questions About our Locally Roasted Coffee?

  • Where do you do your roasting?
    We are constantly on the move as a small, micro-roastery that is in the start-up phase of operation. So, we roast wherever we happen to be at the time: but primarily in West Virginia, NoVA and Washington, DC.
  • Where do you source your green coffee?
    We have been testing various beans for our medium and dark roasts. Right now we are focused on quality, high-altitude Guatemalan beans from the province of Huehuetenango as well as beans from Colombia. As we ramp up and diversify we will add beans from other countries in Latin America and around the world.
  • What do you mean by “ethically sourced” beans?
    No doubt you’ve often heard the terms “Certified Organic”, “Direct or Fair Trade”, or “Rainforest Alliance Certified”, among others. While we fully support these certifications and make every effort to source such beans, they generally come at a significantly higher price and don’t tell the whole picture. Having worked with small farmers during our stints with the Peace Corps, we know that most of them are focused on using sustainable practices, mainly because they can’t afford to purchase the specialty pesticides and chemicals larger farmers may use to maximize their harvests. So, in our minds, ethical also means that we support small farmers, women-owned farms, and those that may not be able to afford the international certifications listed above.
  • What portion of your profits do you actually donate to animal shelters, and where?
    We currently donate a portion of proceeds from each bag of coffee sold in the areas where we roast and sell our products. In the future, as we grow volumes and reduce cost, we hope to increase this to 10% of our profits. If you know of an animal shelter that could use our support, please drop us a line!
  • With so many coffee roasters out there, why should I support Potomac Roasting Company?
    1. First and foremost, we roast great tasting coffee. That’s reason enough on its own. 2. We help support local shelters finding loving homes for dogs and cats. Who doesn’t love dogs and cats? 3. Having spent time in Peace Corps Guatemala, we know that just a little bit can go a long way in supporting the little guy. We both learned a lot as volunteers, think about our experiences every day, and continually strive to give back and pay it forward.
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