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 Learning from Others and the Rule of 15

About a year ago I wrote an article for AARP about home coffee roasting. It was a hobby I had enjoyed for several years and I was excited by the opportunity to share it with other coffee lovers.

The editors were great and at one point asked me to add a section about freshness of coffee beans and storing them before and after they are roasted. Good questions!  

That led me to an interview with a wonderful and knowledgeable expert, Catherine Mansell, the director of products and programs for Coffee Bean Corral, a web-based provider for all things coffee. 

She explained the Rule of 15 to help ensure great quality, whether you are roasting at home or commercially.

  • Green beans remain fresh for 15 months after they are dried

  • Roasted beans are at their peak freshness for 15 days after they are roasted

  • Beans should be ground 15 minutes before they are brewed

There’s a lot more to roasting and serving great coffee, but these rules are best practices. Mansell also weighed in on whether it’s OK to freeze coffee before use. The answer is yes, if done properly. 

She notes that whole-bean or ground coffee should be vacuum-sealed to keep out moisture, which can rob coffee of its flavor. And always allow frozen coffee to fully thaw until it becomes room temperature before opening the sealed container, about 24 hours in most cases.​ ​

Now back to home coffee roasting. It’s a fun hobby that puts you in control of the coffee you drink. But if that’s not for you, we are happy to find great beans, roast them, and get them to you fresh!

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