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"What do You Mean, You Get Green Beans?”

Updated: 3 days ago

I had an interesting conversation recently with a customer who wanted to know more about our coffee. I started by explaining that we get green coffee beans from small, women-run farms around the world.

She stopped me right there. She then looked at me quizzically and asked, “What do you mean? You get green beans? Aren’t they already roasted?” Yikes!

She had assumed that we bought coffee beans that were already roasted by someone else and then resold it, like so many other coffee vendors.

That was surprising. I explained that we buy green, or raw, coffee beans and then roast them ourselves locally. We also make sure that the beans are delivered fresh and, if possible, not more than a few days after roasting. The conversation was also a bit of a wake-up call. As with any professional in just about any field, the more we learn the more we fall in to the habit of using language of the trade.

We are now on “jargon alert.” We realize that we need to be careful about coffee speak. We cannot make assumptions about what other people know or what they hear when we talk about our coffee.

As we continue talking about coffee and our passion for it, we will slow down and make sure to communicate the most important messages: We get only high-quality coffee beans. We roast them locally and deliver them fresh, so that you the customer gets the best-tasting coffee possible.

As our journey continues, we will learn more about coffee and will field new questions. But if we can communicate to customers that we select, roast, and deliver their coffee with the utmost attention to quality, we will have shared our most important points.

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Rich Silves
Rich Silves
03 de abr.

Will the green beans grow?

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